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Substitution Challenge 1AlgebraSubstitution5bA list of quick basic substitutions that students could attempt as a starter or plenary. There are four copies per sheet to allow efficient printing....Click here
Substitution challenge IIAlgebraSubstitution5bA second set of substitutions that can be used as a starter or plenary. 4 question sheets per page make for efficient printing. ...Click here
Substitution with divisionAlgebraSubstitution5bStudents often struggle with division, so use this worksheet to ensure they get lots of practice. Students will practice substitution with lots of dividing to b...Click here
Substitution with additionAlgebraSubstitution5cBuild confidence and understanding with substitution by concentrating first on addition in a wide range of circumstances. ...Click here
Substitution with multiplicationAlgebraSubstitution5cBuild understanding of algebraic substitution by focusing on multiplication. Students will need to multiply (times) the integers to calculate the value of the s...Click here
Substitution with subtractionAlgebraSubstitution5cSubstitution with subtraction is not as simple as it seems. Consider negative numbers, and it become much more tricky, and an important set of skills to master....Click here
Substitution worksheet setAlgebraSubstitution6cThis set of worksheets each contain either 10 or 20 gently graduated questions that develop students understanding of algebra through substitution. These carefu...Click here
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