Simultaneous equations
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Introducing simultaneous equations IIAlgebraSimultaneous equations5bThis builds on the core concept in "Introducing Simulative Equations" and extends the concept to more challenging equations. Still very accessible to students e...Click here
Introducing simultaneous equationsAlgebraSimultaneous Equations5cGreat for introducing simultaneous equations, this is a page of simple equations where the variables are constant throughout. The student uses the single variab...Click here
Solve Simultaneous Equations using graphs and algebraAlgebraSimultaneous Equations7aThis powerpoint includes a general starter before moving on to solving simultaneous equations. The idea of this is that a firm link can be made between solving ...Click here
Bananas! Introduction to solving simultaneous equationsAlgebraSimultaneous equations7cA engaging introduction to simultaneous equations using a contextual problem. Each row and column adds to the price shown - students must use problem solving sk...Click here
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