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Slap board proportionsNumberProportion4cWhat is 80 percent of 50? Get two students at the front and ask questions e.g. what is 48 percent of 50? What is a quarter of 198? First to slap the correct ans...Click here
Writing proportionality formulaeAlgebraProportion6aThis worksheet is a simplified introduction to solving problems involving direct proportion and algebra. It is particularly good for students with low confidenc...Click here
Follow me equivalencesNumberProportion6bThis "Follow me" or "loop card" activity gets students to practise their understanding of converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. This activity ...Click here
Equivalent proportions link-upNumberProportion6cThis powerpoint slide is a simple matching activity that encourages students to become confident with converting between fractions decimals and percentages. Stu...Click here
Comparing proportions - shortNumberProportion6cA short activity to practice comparing proportions involving fractions, decimals and percentages. Answers included....Click here
Mini topic test – mixed numbers, proportions and problem solvingNumberProportion6cA mini topic test containing a variety of questions about calculations involving mixed numbers, proportions and problem solving....Click here
Square and cubic proportion questionsAlgebraProportion7aThis Power Point gives 3 key examples to help teach square and cubic algebraic proportion....Click here
Comparing proportionsNumberProportion7cA carefully differentiated activity designed to gradually extend a students ability to compare proportions. Students will need to use a variety of strategies. A...Click here
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