Four operations
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Activote add subtract divide multiply quizNumberFour operations4aThis is a quiz designed to work with activote handset systems. Excellent for a starter or plenary for general revision, or to promote numeracy at GCSE level, th...Click here
Multiplication and moreNumberFour operations4aThis set of 7 carefully graduated A5 worksheets gradually develops students understanding and skill with multiplication and division. It is motivational and con...Click here
Follow me decimal calculationsNumberFour operations5aThis "follow me" or "loop card" activity requires a high level of mental agility to complete, although there are "tricks" to answering most of the questions. St...Click here
Using a calculatorNumberFour operations6aGeneral practise in using a calculator. This set of 4 A5 worksheets builds the complexity of calculation until the students is carrying out really quite bizarre...Click here
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