Collecting like terms
TitleStrandTopicLevelDescriptionMore Info
Collecting like terms linkupAlgebraCollecting like terms4cA quick practice for collecting like terms. Students join up the algebraic expression to the correct simplification. Print the worksheet and cut into three sect...Click here
Collecting like terms with powersAlgebraCollecting like terms5aAn extension to the other collecting like terms worksheet set, these 3 worksheets further develop students experience by including powers (exponents, indices). ...Click here
Collecting like terms with negativesAlgebraCollecting like terms5cThis set of 6 progressive worksheets gradually develop students skills with collecting like terms. Aimed at lower ability students, this resource builds confide...Click here
Collecting like terms with powersAlgebraCollecting like terms5cAbstract algebraic practice questions to build understanding and confidence with collecting like terms with powers. Questions gradually progress to add and subt...Click here
Collecting like terms with subtractionAlgebraCollecting like terms5cAbstract questions that focus on collecting like terms with addition and subtraction. Questions progress to negative answers and a range of variables....Click here
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